2015 MCCSC LEARNING SUMMIT “A Brave New MindSet… It’s a Know-Brainer”

A Brave New MindSet…It’s a Know-Brainer

June 9, 10, 11, 2015

(Registration 8:00am daily)

FREE for MCCSC Employees

Non-MCCSC: $100/day; 3 days/$225

Pre-service teachers: $50/day; 3 days/$100


Teaching and learning require a 21st Century mindset!   As you search for ways to ensure all students learn at high levels, we challenge you to broaden your thinking. Come to the 2015 MCCSC Learning Summit…It’s a KNOW-BRAINER!

Dr. Laura Riffel will offer ways to deal with problem behaviors in classrooms. How can student behavior be managed so the focus remains on learning? How do you KNOW the best intervention for students at risk?

Dr. John Almarode uses his vast experience and training with Eric Jensen, brain researcher, to help you recognize what you need to KNOW about the use of technology to improve learning outcomes. How is the brain affected by technology? What do we need to KNOW about the differences of all students’ brains? How is the brain affected by poverty? How can we ensure success for all students in the classroom?

Mr. Rick Wormeli sends an outstanding message on teaching students perseverance and resilience, both essential 21st Century skills. What do you need to KNOW to cultivate student resilience in your classroom? Tenacity is a virtue and we KNOW that “Stick-to-itiveness” is one step closer to maturity.  Often we KNOW what we need to do but it takes courage to do it. At the final session, Mr. Wormeli will help you KNOW how to nurture bravery.

The 2015 LEARNING SUMMIT is a KNOW-BRAINER!  Don’t miss the SUMMIT!!!






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